ATP Partners with No Kid Hungry MT & Nourish the Flathead

ATP had the honor of partnering with No Kid Hungry Montana and Farm Hands/Nourish the Flathead last week as part of the Amplify Montana Initiative. This grassroots project is an attempt to begin building the leadership and influence of those who have first-hand experience with poverty and food insecurity in our community. These individuals are the true experts on hunger and economic hardship in Montana, and the initiative works to enable them to raise their voices in the fight against hunger, while feeling empowered to be a part of the solution.

Luke Walrath worked with the 5 members of the project on a storytelling workshop. They discussed what makes a compelling story, what makes a compelling storyteller, and how they can begin to mold their own experiences into stories that call the community to action. The final presentation for the Initiative will be held on November 20th.

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