2020 Season Taking Shape


Hot on the heels of a very successful 2019 season, ATP Artistic Director, Betsi Morrison, presented her overall vision for 2020 at ATP’s annual Board of Directors retreat. “This year, events spaced throughout the year were very well-received,” said Morrison. “We were able to present a huge mix of different experiences aimed at reaching all different parts of our community. We’re going to continue along this trajectory.” But, true to ATP’s style, a few new surprises will be thrown in.

The goal in 2020 is to present programming almost every month of the year. The first quarter will include a new Valentine’s Day weekend performance at the ATP Garage, more Outside the Box free play readings, and professional musical production in concert as well as more ATP Academy theatre classes. The second quarter will include the popular ATP Kids Spring Session for high school students, and the return of ATP’s Broadway Summer Training Camp, taught by prestigious Broadway faculty. The summer will see the return of more professional plays & musicals including the return of ATP’s breakout hit, OperaLesque, as well as the 2nd Annual Whitefish Wine Auction and a special Outside the Box play reading in conjunction with the Great Fish Community Challenge. The Fall will be filled with more back-to-school theatre education like the ATP Kids Fall session for Grade & Middle school students and the ATP Academy after-school theatre classes. The season will wrap up with everyone’s holiday favorite: the Yuletide Affair!