Yuletide Affair 11 to Feature Old Favorites and New Faces

The cast of Yuletide Affair X - 2013

Work has begun in earnest on Yuletide Affair 11, with the majority of the artists having committed. While names cannot be announced yet we can tell you that ATP’s Artistic Director, Betsi Morrison, wanted to make sure we had a nice balance of returning favorites and new faces. Those new faces include a multi-instrumentalist and recording artist, and several actors with multiple Broadway credits under their belts. Some of ATP’s favorite musicians will be returning as well to make sure that the evening’s music will be world-class.

Planning around the theme of this year’s concert has begun in earnest, including the opening number and what issues came up this year that are ripe for skewering.

Tickets are going on sale earlier this year to give patrons more time to purchase tickets. Please keep checking your email inbox for the notification when they go on sale!

Yuletide Affair 11 runs Saturday & Sunday, December 20 & 21 at 7pm at the Whitefish Performing Arts Center.