Wow! Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in this year’s Giving Tuesday Livestream! What a night! It was a wonderful kick-off to ATP’s year-end fundraising efforts.
Special thanks to Fork in the Road, Sweet Peaks, Casey’s, Lea Bacon, Missy Carloss, Almon Shoff, & Allison O’Briant, & the ATP Board for providing support during the event.

You can still support ATP’s mission of inspiring the community through professional theatre and theatre education by clicking below. Thank you!


Starting this Giving Tuesday, we’re auctioning off a rare chance to join us onstage to perform in the most popular Holiday show in Valley history. Now’s your chance to join us in a group musical number and the finale. Click on the button to put your bid in - you’ll be helping inspire our community and you'll be getting a rare glimpse into how the longest-running sold-out show in Valley history comes together.


Joe Chvala
Connie Wittig - in memory of Steve Johnstone
Maxine Arnold
Robert Creighton
Christiane Hinterman
Buzz & Carolyn Crutcher
Ruth E. Kramer
David & Chelsea Lefcourt
Jennifer Kelley - in honor of Alex Jerome & the Councils
David Tafelski - in honor of Chloe Tafelski
Christina Gibson
David Tafelski - in honor of Adelynn Tafelski
The Rossi Family
Jerry & Lissa Dunker
Bonnie & Rick Billuni - in memory of Jerry Southworth Jr.
Cora & Larry Rogers
Nikki & Mike Oaks
Dr. Jon & Tammy Miller
Mary Ward & James Walrath
Cynthia Benkelman
Jeff, Veronica, & Martha Barton
George Wright - in memory of Burt Wright
Carl & Heather Wilson
Robert H. Fowler
The Schott Family
Marshall & Kathryn Friedman
Jennifer Elden
Amick Family
Jessica Burks
Lea & Kevin Bacon
Jeff Davolt
Kevin & Cari Klepper
Sheila Coulter
Mike & Elizabeth Borg
Patti Tafelski
Salon Central - Sherry Brester
Juliena Moore
The Busse Family
Carol & Terry Trieweiler
Carol & Kurt Larson
Sweet Peaks Ice Cream
JD & Sibyl Hughes
William & Audrey Oglesby
Susan Randel
Marin Gignoux
Heidi Houser
Joseph & Elizabeth Zullo - in honor of Christine, Lauren, & Catherine Rossi
Susan & Jeff Daniels
David Blair
Joan & Tom Eckstrom
Linda Schurter - in honor of Chloe & Adelynn Tafelski
Doug Reed
Pam & Walt Tafelski - in honor of Chloe & Adelynn Tafelski
Andy & Jennie Eckstrom - in honor of Katherine & Sophia